With the aid of laser-assisted, thermoplastic tape placement and winding, it is possible to produce high-strength, high-stiffness components with a low structural weight. he process runs as follows:

  • The thermoplastic prepreg tape (pre-impregnated) is passed through the placement or winding head and heated by laser radiation to the melting temperature
  • The tape is pressed and consolidated by a pressure roller to the base
  • All relevant process parameters such as temperature, tape tension, pressure force, etc. are recorded during the process and can be used for quality control
  • The in-situ consolidation process does not require any downstream production steps (such as autoclave, press, furnace). The component is manufactured in one-step and comes out of the machine fully consolidated.

Thermoplastic fiber-composites offer decisive advantages in storage, processing and possible further processing such as forming, bending, overmolding or welding. Thus, for example, thermoplastic fiber composite pipe can be subsequently reworked by reheating, bending, forming or welding