AFPT is one of the pioneers of laser-assisted tape placement. As early as 2003 had Mr. Kok (Managing Director) started his search for alternative manufacturing processes for traditional wet winding and thermoset tape placement. The goal being to reduce cycle times, increase the degree of automation and avoid the negative effects on employees and the environment due to the open resin systems.

Under the direction of Dr.-Ing. Kölzer (Managing Director), who at that time was an employee of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (Fraunhofer IPT, Aachen), the first tape-placement heads with temperature control were developed and built on behalf of Mr. Kok. After Mr. Kölzer left the Fraunhofer IPT in 2007, the both of them founded the AFPT GmbH in Dörth near Koblenz for distribution and industrial use of the innovative production technology. Since then, AFPT has been continuously developing the process and supplying our international customers in the automotive, aerospace and oil & gas industries with our 25-person team worldwide.