Tape Placement Equipment
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Application Centre
Application Centre
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Since 2003, we have been the leading supplier of laser-assisted tape placement and winding equipment. We support in the implementation of machinery for the production of thermoplastic fiber composite components together with our partners. At application center, we are happy to help you with product development, prototype manufacturing and small series production.
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Pressure Vessels

storage of CNG, H2 or compressed air

Tubes & Pipes

for water, oil & gas or structural elements

Local Reinforcement

for plastic components, tailored blanks or metalls

Inserts for injection molding

rings, beams, other structures




Tape Placement Technology

Features of our process
1500 mm/s

Winding speed up to

100 %

Process & Quality Control

100 %

In Situ Consolidation


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Automated Tube Production System – a milestone in composite manufacturing

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